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ThermaV Energy Highway - This is not a Highway, its a Power Station

 We are developing Solar / Kinetic Hybrid Technology for embedding in roads; system is capable of generating Electricity from Solar Radiance as well as Pressure induced by Passing traffic

"Solar Energy Highway," modules that can be embedded into roads, Runway Landings, Car Parks etc. pumping power into the grid, or powering the Highway Lighting.


  • The energy conversion efficiency of the ThermaV Hybrid Kinetic / Thermophotonic System  is  at least 30%.
  • The ThermaV ETG Hybrid Kinetic / Thermophotonic System power plant will generate electricity 24 hours a day and all year round, as the traffic flows.
  • On Airport Runways, the efficiency is approaching 40%
  • The Life time of the ThermaV Hybrid Kinetic / Thermophotonic System is at least 20 years