Eco FutureLab Fze

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Welcome To The Future - The Nano Lens Chroma Solar Intensifier (NLCSI)

Eco FutureLab FZE (EFL)  is an alternative energy start-up whose revolutionary technologies will help solve the world’s energy challenges.

EFL’s technologies currently include three revolutionary components designed to operate separately or in combination:

  1. ThermaV ™ Energy from Heat
  2. KINZI ™ (KEGS ™ Kinzi Electro Generator System) Energy From Motion
  3. TURBO ™ Efficiency booster upto 50% more energy from Photo Voltaics

 KINZI™ Energy From Motion

Future Labs FZE have developed a new alternative energy system that harvests mechanical energy embedded into roadways, railways and runways from passing vehicles, trains and pedestrian traffic and converts it into electrical energy.

The system, based on a new breed of KINZI kinetic generators, harvests energy that ordinarily goes to waste and can be installed without changing the habitat.


Eco Future Labs FZE, UAE based Thermophotonics solar development company has developed TURBO ™ cell technology that increases the efficiency of Solar Photovoltaic panels by up to 50% while reducing the weight of conventional Photo voltaic panels by 40%.

  •  TURBO™ Solar modules can be directly integrated into standard building materials, commercial transportation, space applications, consumer electronics for portable power or configured as stand alone modules for large scale terrestrial Solar energy Generating solutions.
  •  TURBO ™  significantly increase the output efficiencies, while reducing manufacturing costs, and greatly reducing component size and weight as compared to competing power generating systems.

The TURBO™ technology can be an easily integrated accessory to an existing solar PV manufacturing system.
Based on electromagnetic principles, the TURBO™ Concentrator enhances the capabilities and efficiency of existing solar cells by focusing and tuning the incident solar radiation from the sun for optimal silicon absorption, with less of the total spectrum lost as heat or reflection. In essence, the TURBO™  “turbo-charges” an existing system by significantly increasing the silicon PV’s ability to absorb light at the optimal energy-producing wavelengths, not only from visible but also the Ultra Violet, and Infrared radiation
Output increase by 50%
Weight Reduction by 40%
Manufacturing Time Reduced

  • Eco Future Labs FZE has filed patents to protect the I.P. of the various Technologies involved.