Eco FutureLab Fze

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Solar Powered Electroluminescent Technology

TheOLight our NextGen EL 

 Eco FutureLab FZE NextGenEL Lighting

  • This is the First Prototype of TheOLight , it is energy efficient, long life 100,000 Hrs 1/2 Life
  • 2800CdM ( Best output by conventional EL 150CdM )
  • Requires No Inverter.
  • Luminous Flux 100
  • Chromacity 0.42.x.0.42
  • Operating Voltage 12v
  • RGB available for Display Technologies
  • License agreement available


Our solar powered signage combines three important factors

  • 1.      Eco-friendly practices,
  • 2.      High visibility and
  • 3.      Cost efficiency.

 Global brands can now save thousands on electricity costs and have a reliable presence for their products in areas where electricity is intermittent or non-existent.

Based on our own Electro Luminescent (EL) technology,( The founder of  our company Ahmet Kianin is endearingly called “The Grandfather of Electroluminescent technology”  a typical outdoor or indoor sign can provide between 6 and 14 hours of continuous illumination from daytime charging depending on the model.

Designs are interchangeable; a new message can be simply slotted into place and signs can be fixed to virtually any surface due to its light weight properties.


 Key features:

  • ·         Indoor or outdoor signs can be solar powered
  • ·         Complex animations possible
  • ·         Will animate for between 6 - 14 hours depending on model
  • ·         Interchangeable designs
  • ·         Waterproof and weather resistant
  • ·         Will work for a lifespan of over 50,000 hours
  • ·         Units are supplied with a on/off timer and charge indicator
  • ·         Mains supply charge option when overcast
  • ·         High visibility through darkness, smoke or fog


Key benefits:

  • ·         Huge potential savings on electricity costs
  • ·         Branded message can now be seen in areas where electricity supply is unreliable or non-existent
  • ·         Low purchase cost and no ongoing costs
  • ·         Low maintenance
  • ·         Significantly reduce your company's carbon footprint
  • ·         Promote your business via eco-friendly products
  • ·         Solar signs boast low power consumption and are inherently safe

Energy efficient and flexible
EL technology is extremely energy efficient and flexible; display panels are completely scalable, not limited by size or shape and can even be produced to be heat, sound or movement reactive. Potential applications for solar powered signs are not all purely commercial and have wide ranging uses for the emergency services and hospitals where electricity outages are common.