Eco FutureLab Fze

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Inspired By nature - NLCSI  Building Integrated ENERGY SYSTEM

 "Heat is everywhere - Heat is energy  I grew frantic in my desire to harness this inexhaustible energy” Nikolai Tesla

Energy independence, is achievable through the Eco FutureLab Fze NLCSI façade system which at the same time enables designers to satisfy the aesthetic aspirations of modern glass and Cladding façade designs.

 Since the discovery of fire and the industrial Revolution, heat has been generated by burning, wood, coal, natural gas, or oil to convert water to steam to power giant power generation plants running on steam turbines.

Even in the technology driven future of today, 60% of the heat energy generated escapes use and is lost to the environment.  

“Heat is everywhere.  Heat is energy”

The sun’s thermal energy is bountiful.Each day, the sun provides enough thermal energy to the Earth to satisfy all of the demands of its entire population for an entire year.

Thermal energy, whether derived from man or from the heavens, provides more than enough energy to power the world. 

ThermaV  REG has been developed to harvest this thermal energy and to transform it to meet the energy demands of our world. ThermaV’s patented systems convert that heat into electricity,

 ThermaV targets the following forms of thermal energy:

  • Industrial and commercial waste heat
  • Solar thermal
  • Steel Mills
  • Boiler systems
  • Power Station Extract Flues
  • Hot water Storage tanks

 The ThermaV REG (Recovered Energy Generator)

Power Plant combines photovoltaic and thermoelectric technologies and by recovering Energy from otherwise wastedsources, such as exhaust, laundry hot water waste, Boilers, Hot water Tanks, Flu extracts to produce electrical energy, efficiently and at a reduced cost.

  • The energy conversion efficiency of the THERMAV REG solar power plant is at least 25%.
  • The THERMAV REG power plant will generate electricity 24 hours a day and all year round.
  • The Life time of the THERMAV REG solar power plant is at least 20 years

 During Night continues to Generates Electricity