Eco FutureLab Fze

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Inspired By Nature Developed By Eco FutureLab fze in UAE for use by The World

Eco FutureLab Fze's ThermaV is creating new opportunities for NLCSI power generation. to see demo of ThermaV prototype working

Until now, the market for Renewable Solar power generation has been somewhat limited due to the space requirements and costs associated with conventional Photovoltaic?s PV?s. But the ThermaV NLCSI is opening a whole new realm of opportunities to generate Renewable Solar energy. The ThermaV can easily be integrated into the fabric of the building cladding, installed in almost any commercial, urban environment to create distributed power generation sources. Nearly 40 % smaller than conventional Photovoltaic?s PV?s and 70% smaller than CSP thermal systems, and initially over 37% efficiency,  the ThermaV NLCSI features breakthrough, technology that easily adopts itself into all environmental applications. Thus, the ThermaV can easily be integrated into buildings Fabric and Cladding, Interlocks in the paving and car parking areas, roof space.     



ThermaV NLCSI technology is able to produce Electricity 24/7 unlike conventional Solar Photovoltaic technologies currently in use, all this without the requirement of thousands of kilometers of space, but just by using the foot print of the existing building. This opens up the potential to interconnect each building through smart grid technology thereby creating much bigger Power Generating stations reducing the demand to build new power stations and even eventually eliminating the need to conventional power generating station as was the vision of Nikolai Tesla. Any excess power can then be fed into the National Grid and sold or exported.

ThermaV NLCSI technology, The Energy generating solution for Today, Tomorrow and for all our future generations.

 Whether you are looking to offset energy purchased from the grid, create new revenue streams, or go green while earning a payback period of only 7 years instead of existing 20 year payback periods. The ThermaV NLCSI gives you the freedom to harness the Solar power from almost any location.

Payback Periofor ThermaV 7 years comparing to competitive Technologies of 20 Years



Cost of ThermaV Comparing to other Fuels







ECO FUTURELAB FZE NextGenEL Lighting                                                                        


  • This is the First Prototype of NextGenEL , it is energy efficient, long life 100,000 Hrs 1/2 Life
  • 2800CdM ( Best output by conventional EL 150CdM )
  • Requires No Inverter.
  • Luminous Flux 100
  • Chromacity 0.42.x.0.42
  • Operating Voltage 12v
  • RGB available for Display Technologies
  • License agreement available