Eco FutureLab Fze

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Greenest building in world makes its own water and electricit​y

  • 70% reduction in the utility costs related to hot water supply
  • 65% of reduction on CO2 emission related to hot water supply
  • Zero utility costs and zero CO2 emissions for the whole building with the solar energy generating system

The UAE based renewable Energy Company Eco Futurelab FZE is Launching all-electric homes that have solar panels and lithium-ion batteries to provide backup power, and Water from atmosphere machines.

Eco Futurelab FZE Habitat, is offering pre-fabricated homes Starting with 3.78 kilowatt solar power system, along with a 3.57 kilowatt battery system to provide power at night or on cloudy and rainy days.

The homes have light fixtures that use direct-current power, to minimize power loss in converting to AC power. The home’s heat-pump water heater will be powered by solar, too.

The houses, which are are pre fabricated and insulated against elements.