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Smart Intelligent Glass and Film G3nesis Technology

G3nesis™ -
G3nesis™ Simply stick to your existing glass!
Also known as Smart Film, Switchable Film, Switchable
Glass Film, Privacy Window Film, LCD Film, Electric
Window Film, Electrochromic Film, Intelligent Film and
Electric G3nesis™ for countless applications for privacy
and UV protection

Our new self-adhesive G3nesis™ can manage
transparency instantly in response to user demand for
seclusion, privacy or confidentiality without
compromising light transmission.
Simply switch the G3nesis™ “on” for transparent
glass and “off” for private glass within milli seconds by a
power switch , Remote control ,Wifi or Smart Phone.

Our self-adhesive G3nesis™ is a liquid crystal film
allowing immediate switching from clear to private.
G3nesis™ -